Choti Sardarni 24th January 2020 Episode Video Updates

Sarab opens the elevator with his hands. Meher has fainted inside. Sarab picks up Meher and tells Meher ji: Please open your eyes. Nothing would happen to you. He lifts her up. Sarab says give me water. Sarab says, please open your eyes, Meher. Meher opens his eyes and says I don’t know how I passed out there. Sarab says for a moment that I thought I had lost you. Meher says Param I have to go to Param. Sarab says look at this condition.

Sanjana arrives there and says we don’t have time. Sarab puts Meher on a stretcher. Meher says stop crying like baby Sarab. He says he would. Meher says you are a coward. He says yes. Does Sarab say you promised me that you will not leave my side for years? Meher remembers his promise. Sarab says don’t settle. Meher says I remember him. He says that if you break your promise, I will not forgive you.

Meher takes his hand. Sarab holds his hand in tears. Meher says you look younger than Param while you cry. Like a baby. Look at yourself, clean your nose. She laughs. Sarab sobs. Meher says you believe in God. Nothing would go wrong. Sanjana says: let’s go. They take Meher in OT. Sarab has to leave Meher’s hand. Sarab prays crying.

Meher’s operation begins. Sarab arrives at the temple in the hospital. He prostrates. Sarab prays for the life of his family. Sanjana gives the medicine to the nurse and tells him to keep it safe. Nothing is more important than this. Harleen looks at Sarab praying. She’s crying. Everyone prays for Meher and Param. Everyone is crying.

A cart hits the medicine. Sanjana sees it. The test tube is broken and Meher’s medicine is spilled. Meher’s condition worsens. Your pulse is falling. Sarab prays for her. Sanjana comes out and tells everyone what happened. Everyone is shocked. Jagga runs to look for Sarab.

Jagga sits with Sarab. Meher can’t breathe. Sarab runs up the stairs. Sanjana tries to fix the medicine. She says on guard that we don’t have time. Please organize it. Another doctor says that nobody is giving him that medicine. Sarab takes the name and says don’t let anything happen to them. I come. He runs.

Sarab rushes in his car to get the medicine. Harleen is crying. She says how this can happen Doly says you must keep your faith strong. Kulwant faints. Amrita and Jagga hold her. Traffic police stop Sarab and tells him to get out of the car. You broke the rule. Sarab says please. Is an emergency. My wife and son are in the hospital. I have to take this medicine. Sarab leaves his car and runs.

A car hits him but he keeps running. Sarab’s feet are bleeding. Sarab arrives at a laboratory and asks for medicine. The doctor says it is a rare medicine. You will not find it anywhere. Sarab says please check it out. It’s about my son’s life. My wife is pregnant and my son is 5 years old. Receive a call from Sanjana. Sarab is shocked