Naagin Season 4 26th January 2020 Episode Video Updates

Brinda asks Rajat what he means by his words, that girl like her. Rajat asks him to see his face blackened in the mirror. She pushes. She turns around and is about to become a naagin. She says that if you talk to me and my slime that way, I won’t … Rajat asks what you will do if you hit me. Brinda says she wants to, but her parents didn’t teach her such values. She says she knows her limits. Rajat says that you have crouched down, spent the night with him and then sat down with him on the mandap and asks him to tell him to have a wedding night with her. She asks him to shut up and tells him that he doesn’t know that his mind is so dirty. Rajat says he should regret spending so many years with you. Rushali hides the vabhoot when he sees Dev. Dev asks if we are in danger with someone. Rushali asks if Nayantara is found. Dev says I have to get answers from her. Rushali asks her to make her talk to Nayantara’s parents. He says he will expose everything. Rushali believes that everything will be resolved.

Brinda says she would have supervised everything and ignored her greed, since she loves him. She says she was quiet and used to think about him all the time, but he didn’t think about her because she’s so selfish. Rajat says that you are arguing with me and the shameless flame. Brinda says that when she wanted your support, you were standing with the crowd. Rajat says they were both looking for a desperate partner. Brinda says they are …

She tells Rajat she doesn’t need it and asks her not to worry if someone marries her or not. She says she doesn’t need it. Rajat says that you are saying that you have shelter given by Rushali. Brinda says that Dev was right about him and that she respects herself and regrets loving him. She says that Dev tried to make me understand your truth, but I didn’t believe him. She asks him to leave before calling the people here. Dev comes and listens to them. Rajat leaves. Brinda and Dev look at each other. Maana dil da hai mera yeh qusoor plays … Receive a message from Kanika telling her that Nayantara is leaving town. Dev says he can’t go until he meets her. Brinda thinks Nayantara will leave when you get there.

Manyata makes Nayantara cover. Nayantara says it’s not cold. Manyata says that I can’t risk your life and says that nobody will identify you. She tells him that he can’t play with his life. She says they will come after you and try to kill you, and for that we have to be ready. Dev arrives at the Nayantara building, but does not see her leave in the car. He asks the watchman. The watchman says she left just now. Dev sends him a message asking him to meet him and tell him what happened. Ketki and Ira talk to each other about leaving a space and not filling the vibuti there. Do not come offering to enter there. Nayantara calls dev and tells him that he is at the Amlapur train station. A woman with a blanket collides with her twice. Nayantara asks for forgiveness. Brinda thinks she has to meet Baa. She listens to Rushali talking with Dev and asking him to calm down. Brinda thinks Dev is angry and thinks to inform Manyata. She thinks she has to go back to get her phone. He is about to leave when he sees Rushali. Rushali marks the line with vibuti and scolds Ketki for not marking the line.

Ketki says it was an error of Ira. Rushali says that Dev went to drive to Nayantara. Ketki says he will do what he has decided. Brinda tries to leave and the vibuti pushes her back. She falls and checks again. She falls again. Rushali comes to Sparsh, Hardik, Rohan and others and tells him that he wants them to do something. Brinda calls Swara and tells him she is at Parikh’s house. He hides when he sees Ketki and Ira come. Rushali asks Hardik, Sparsh and others to kill Nayantara. They ask what about dev. Rushali says that Dev is with me, otherwise he wouldn’t have told me he would go there. Manas and Rohan also leave. Ira and Ketki ask why you did this. Manas and Rohan also leave. Manas hides the wheelchair behind the tree and everyone leaves. Rushali says that he wants Nayantara killed and that they can do it, tells him that Dev will take care of it. Brinda is surprised and thinks how this family can be murderous and thinks that she can no longer stay here. She thinks she has to save Nayantara and thinks that if they attacked Manyata that day

She asks herself to concentrate to leave the house. It gets scaly skin and eyes and turns off the vibuti. Dev is still in the car and calls Rushali. She doesn’t answer the call. Dev arrives at the station and asks for the train. He comes to know that the train will leave in 5 minutes. Manyata makes Nayantara sit on the train, she tells him that no one can find her due to the things of her marriage kept on the train. She asks him to go down to Kotla and then someone will pick her up. She says I’ll come there. Nayantara says that only you and your daughter will do what you want. Manyata thinks he doesn’t want to be hurt and leaves. Brinda tries to get a car and turns into a snake to get to the station.

Nayantara thinks that once Dev arrives here, he will protect me. I will marry him and take revenge on them. She closes the window. Toast arrives at the station and becomes human. The train TT thinks why the train does not start. Dev thinks why Nayantara’s name is not on the list and asks TT. TT says no. Rohan and others come to the Nayantara. Nayantara asks why you came here. Manas takes out vabhoot and pours on it. They say they will kill her now. Dev finds his phone off. Dev leaves the train station while Brinda enters. Dev thinks what’s going on? Where the hell is she? Nayatara fights with the boys and attacks them. She runs and falls off the train. He sees her. When he reaches her, she sees Nayantara running and Rohan, Sparsh, Hardik and others run after her. Ketki says his son sent him a message that they will handle Nayantara. Rushali calls Dev and asks him to come back, emotionally blackmails him to come home. Dev leaves. Rushali says that Dev is returning home. Nayantara will be handled by the children and she will handle Manyata and give her death sentence. Dev leaves in his car. Rohan and Sparsh hides. Brinda thinks why the guy ran in the jungle. She goes after them. Nayantara is injured and hides behind the stone. Brinda thinks where they went? Everyone asks Nayantara where he went. They say you’ll be punished for leaving Dev. He listens to them, gets angry and turns into a snake.

Hard says we’ll leave here. Nayantara comes out listening to this and is caught by them. Brinda enters the human avatar and thinks that the voice comes from that side. Nayantara runs. They ask Rohan to catch her. Manyata thinks why she feels restless and walks in the jungle. Brinda thinks I won’t let anything happen to you. Manyata sees the temple and prays to God to save Nayantara and keep her protected. Ketki tells Ira that he has the feeling that everything will be fine. Rushali says that neither Nayantara will be saved nor his mother Manyata. Manas asks if you are sure that Nayantara is dead. They see her hanging from the cliff and hit her hand with her feet to make her fall. Nayantara asks them to save her. Brinda stops away and shouts at Nayan … Manas says there’s someone screaming. They break her feet in her hand and she falls off the cliff.

Caution: Rushali asks Pandit to pray for all his children. Nayantara falls near Manyata from the cliff. Manyata is shocked. He swears to see Nayantara’s body that will not forgive anyone and kill the entire Parikh family