Naati Pinky Ki Lambi Love Story 28th January 2020 Episode Video Updates

Arjun catches Pinky in his arms to stop his fall. Sarthak comes and hugs Pinky. The guests ask who this Amitabh Bachchan is, who arrived at the right time and held the pinky. Sarthak says that he is the only one for whom Ananya didi died. Arjun says that if you care so much about your didi, why did you keep the tank truck from coming to my house? He asks you to brush your teeth and come. Sarthak gets angry.

Ram comes and asks Sarthak to kick him out. Ram says I came to ask you not to stop the tank truck. He says Ananya was my wife and daughter too. He says don’t be a gift, and says she used to call you a gift. Ram asks him not to take his name from his mouth. Dadi says it’s your damad. Ram says he is not my damad. Pinky says that Dad made Didi’s bari when he learned of his death and Arjun ji made his bari when he got his ashes. Arjun says that I came to get water here. Ram asks Sarthak to bring water.

Sarthak brings water in a glass. Dadi asks him to give Arjun water. Arjun says that this is my house and that I will decide whether to give water or not. Arjun says he stopped the water due to enmity, but respect is not expensive that he could not give his mother. Ram gets angry and asks Sarthak to kick him out. Arjun says I will drink the water anyway and it goes away.

Dadi cries. Nalini asks why you are hurting yourself. Dadi says he has followed the orders of his father, husband and now son. Pinky arrives there and jokes that her tears will fill the buckets. He jokes that if he uploads the video, then they could get a role in the movie Rudali Returns. She asks him to twist his ears and scold him for being his mother. Dadi says that I gave birth to Amrish Puri, if I pull out his ears, he will press my neck.

Nalini says they can’t see Ananya’s barsi and looks at the chunari. Pinky has an idea. She asks Dadi if this is correct. Dadi says yes. Come to Asha asking mehendi designer to give you a discount. Asha says that Pinky’s two hands are equal to one hand and request a discount. Amma teases her for her wide hands and asks her to leave. Asha leaves. Amma calls Pinky and asks him to leave.

Sarthak tells him that he will make sure that water is not supplied to that house and that he talks to the type of tank truck. Arjun comes out listening to this. Sarthak blows towards him. Arjun tells his daughter that he will prepare breakfast for her. The girl nods. Pinky is in a hurry. Chacha he asks where he is going? Pinky asks him not to ask anything. Arjun’s father asks where to bring water.

Everyone asks for water. Pinky goes to the type of tank truck and calls him. The tanker is talking to his girlfriend and doesn’t see him. Then he sees her. She helps him mend his girlfriend and asks him to turn on the water flow.

Ram tells Nalini that he doesn’t want Ananya’s barsi to happen while he marries in another caste. He says he doesn’t want anyone to help them and if anyone does this, then he will abandon her. A man scolds the tanker for the water supply. Pinky brings a water pipe and puts it in Ananya’s tank truck. Arjun comes out and the water falls on him. She tries to clean the water from her cloth.

He tells her that he can kidnap her and blackmail her father to give her water. He goes. Pinky tells the father-in-law and Ananya’s daughter that the idea is good. Ananya’s father-in-law calls Ram and tells him that Pinky is in captivity and asks him to give her the water supply. Ram gets angry. Chacha he says that that was the message Pinky wanted to give. The servant tells Ananya’s husband that the water came.

They get happy. Pinky goes home scared. Ram asks him to enter. He hits Sarthak and says that I told him that Pinky wouldn’t come out on his mehendi day. She asks Pinky to punish herself. Pinky slapped herself. Ram says that the slaps must be strong and that Dadi’s slap side remains. Pinky is about to slap her face, but Dadi stops her. She tells Ram that Pinky did nothing wrong by going to Arjun’s house. She slapped twice and asked Ram if he was happy. Pinky and Dadi cry.

Mehendi’s functions begin. Nandu calls Pinky and makes him show Ananya’s barsi. Nalini gets excited. Pinky says he has fulfilled his promise and asks Nandu to cover the red chunari in Ananya’s photo. Arjun gets up and takes the chunari from his hand. Cover the picture of Ananya with the chunari and hug Nandu. Pinky, Nalini and Amma get excited. Gagan comes there. Pinky hides her phone. The girl asks you to look for her name. Gagan says I couldn’t see. Designer Mehendi says that she has written Arjun in her hand. Everyone is surprised to see the name of Arjun