Shakti 24th January 2020 Episode Video Updates

Parmeet tells Preeto that once his son leaves the ICU, he will show him his courage. She says she will show them the difference between Sipahi and inspector. The nurse arrives there and says the patient gained awareness. DSP asks the agent to bring Soham and Heer. Harak Singh tells Preeto that they are Sant’s family. Mahi tells Raavi that is why he told him to leave Heer. Raavi asks him to drink tea.

Shanno says they will win and says that just as Soumya’s life is ruined, Heer’s life will also be ruined. She says the guy seems to have the same courage as Harman and says the story will be repeated.

Parmeet, his eldest son and the family of harak Singh enter the pavilion. Parmeet asks Virat if it’s okay. Virat says it’s fine. The agent comes to take a statement. Virat’s brother asks him to give a statement against Heer’s brothers. Heer prays to God to save his brothers. Virat sees her tense with her finger crossed and tells her that she slipped and fell down the roof. Your hello Mera Khuda plays … DSP says her friends are saying something else. Virat says he went to the terrace to get some fresh air. Preeto teases Parmeet for blaming them. Everyone leaves. Heer looks at Virat and leaves. They all leave.

Heer’s heel bends. She sits down to wear her sandals correctly. She sees her brothers leave. Then he sees a man who brings a bouquet and asks him to give him a flower. She takes it and goes to Virat’s room. She calls him by name, but he is sleeping. She writes a message in the notebook, “Get well soon.” Then keep the flower and the letter on the side of the table. Your hello mere khuda plays … She turns around and remembers her love confession. She goes. Virat wakes up and finds the letter and the rose.

Harak Singh asks where is Heer Heer takes an antiseptic from the nurse and comes to Soham. She applies antiseptic fluid to her hand. He says you take good care of me. Heer says she is his sister and will take care of him. In the jeep, Preeto asks Soham not to do this again. Soham says he will if someone makes fun of Heer. Rohan asks him to control his anger. Heer thinks of Virat. Virat is in front of the jeep and points them with a gun. He just asks Heer to lower the jeep.

Heer says that she is enough to handle it. He tells her that he has fallen off the roof and tells him that he endures the pain because he loves her. he says you brought only one letter and you got up for me, he says he brought many letters and flowers for her. He spills letters and rose petals on her. Everyone looks up and then turns happily. Preeto looks surprised. It turns out to be Heer’s dream.

She pats her head thinking that this guy is also entering his dreams. Virat gets out of bed and uses his jacket. The nurse asks you to rest. He says it’s fine. The nurse shows the flower and the letter. She says getting better soon is written on it. Virat gives the nurse flowers and throws the letter in the dump, saying that until the doctors and nurses are there, he doesn’t need the best wishes.

Heer dances in his room, thinking about Virat and sings merely Khwabon joaaye me…. Shanno arrives and asks Heer about the incident. Heer says she didn’t know the guy and met him for the first time in college. Shanno says that if you have something in your heart for him, then you can tell me