Shakti 28th January 2020 Episode Video Updates

Heer and Virat look at each other. The teacher asks him to leave Heer’s hand. Virat leaves his hand. Heer runs smiling from there and then enters, sees his brothers and Sindhu worried. She asks herself to think something and stops a girl. She pours water over her head. The girl asks what happened to you. Heer says she feels dizzy and will pass out. She asks him to massage his head. The girl massages her head. Heer makes a sound as if his head hurt a lot. Sindhu says there is Heer. Her friend Tanu asks if she is acting. Heer says that I will bring your favorite and asks him to keep his mouth shut, which will give him chocolate. She says that if she does not agree, I will spread rumors that she is having an affair with the Hindu professor. Sindhu, Rohan and Soham come to Heer. Tanu says that Heer was weakening and dizzy, so water was poured on his head. Soham asks Heer to come to the hospital. Heer says she is fine. Soham insists. Heer says he’s fine and swears by Soham. They ask you to come home. Heer says he will stay in college and that he is fine.

Virat asks Bunty to give him 75,000 Rs. Bunty remembers that Virat’s brother hit him and asked him not to give money to Virat. He tells her that he is a student and does not want money. Virat asks why did you bet then? Bunty asks him to hit him, but he has no money. Virat leaves him. Heer, Soham and Rohan come there. Soham gets angry at hearing all that. Rohan stops him. Heer thinks he did wrong playing with my feelings and she will teach him a lesson. Rohan comes to Virat and says you did wrong with my sister. Virat says he didn’t hurt his emotions and didn’t play with his feelings. He says I saved your brother from the police by giving him false statements. He goes away.

Heer convinces Tanu to call Virat as emotionless, selfish and greedy. Tanu says the same to Virat. Virat asks what did you say? Tanu says that Heer made me say this. Heer comes out of hiding. Virat asks him to say it again. Heer approaches him and says that you are a selfish, arrogant, cheap and greedy man. She says that small insects are better than you, at least they don’t play with someone’s emotions. He asks what do you know about me? Heer says you can play with anyone’s emotions for money. Rohan calls Heer. She escapes. Virat asks how he can say something. Heer sits in the jeep. They left. Virat sees them go and is upset.

Heer goes to his room after returning home. She thinks that if Soham hadn’t been there, then he would have hit Virat Singh and made him fall. She thinks she was losing herself uselessly in her thoughts and was thinking about him. She says she showed courage due to her greed for 75,000 money. She thinks how she can do this? He thinks he deserves his scolding.

Virat comes to the room and says how he dared to scold me so much. He takes off his socks and shoes and throws them into the room. Dadu arrives and asks what happened. Virat says that girl, whom I told you yesterday. He says she called me indifferent, selfish and arrogant and told me that I can play with anyone’s feelings. Heer talks to Soumya and tells him he won’t think about that guy. She says that if I had Rs 75,000, I would have slapped her face, but I have no money. She cries and says that Virat Singh is very selfish. Shanno listens to her and says you don’t think about him. she says that if the storm enters the house with rs. 75000, then I’ll give it to you.

She comes to Heer and says that guy has done you wrong. If a guy praises a girl for money, then I know how that girl can feel. She asks him to take Rs 75000 and throw it in his face. She says this matter is between you two and asks you to handle it herself, without informing the family. She says those rich guys ruin the lives of many girls. She asks him to show them that she is different from others. She asks him not to tell anyone, if I expect to know, then he will scold her. She goes. Heer thinks of slapping money on Viat’s face and scolding him. Virat thinks what she thinks of herself, I will scold her so much she will cry. Your hello Mera Khuda plays …

The next morning, Parmeet does the aarti while her children are standing, but Virat is sleeping. He wakes up and says that I am also your bhakt mata rani, but don’t act like them. Say only 5 more minutes and sleep using headphones. Heer tells Preeto that today he feels bad and can’t go to college. Soham asks him to get up and come to the hospital. Preeto says he will call the doctor at his house. She asks Rohan and Soham to let her sleep. She asks them to go to college. Rohan asks him to call the doctor and asks him to call them. Preeto says that even I take care of her. Shanno believes that this Heer has taken my money and will not go to college. She tries to open her bedroom door, but it is closed.