Shubharambh 24th January 2020 Episode Video Updates

Rani says who was that girl It’s only been a day and you don’t even care. You already have new proposals. I can’t believe, how can you do this? A warden asks them not to make noise. Raja sits. Raja says that nothing was easy for me. Relationships are not made to break. But you can’t fool them. Rani says that we are the ones who have been deceived. Raja ever says listen to others? I only came here to tell you that relationships should have another chance. The nurse asks Rani to bring medicine. She brings them.

Raja approaches Virinda and looks at her. Asha arrives and says: what are you doing here? Is all your humanity only for them? Raja says what are you doing here? Let’s talk outside. Don’t make noise here.

Hitank says: is this your new drama to get money from Raja? Ranis’ father says don’t dare say that. Gulvant says let me talk. He says our son Raja is innocent. Do not try to deceive him. Utsav says that you are not very pious either. You are the one who asked for dowry. Kritida says shut up. Hitank says your mom is making a drama. Utsav says don’t dare say a word about my mother. The whole hospital arrives there. Gulvant says how much money would you take to finish this drama? Rani’s father says you only think he revolves around money. Did you sell your son to the next party now? Utsva says how much they charged the new family as a dowry? Gulvant is about to slap them. Raja comes there. Gulvant says we are talking peacefully. Press Rani’s father’s foot. Rani’s father grabs him by the neck and says you can’t force us with your money. Raja pushes Rani’s father and tells him how dare you touch my mota dad. Rani arrives and says how dare you touch my dad. Raja says that he was hitting my mote dad. Rani says your family has respect and mine doesn’t. Rani says that your drama shows that there is nothing left between us. And don’t worry, I will return all your money. Rani says: let’s go, dad. Raja says let’s go mota papa. They both leave.

Utsav tells Rani that you should go home. Rani says that only one person can stay here. I will stay here if she needs something. You take dad home. His dad asks if Vrinda is fine. She said yes. Rani drinks water. Raja can’t sleep in her bed. Rani wipes her tears. She sees her photos. Raja also sees his photos. Rani remembers what happened.

The next morning, the nurse says to bring her here after two days to get dressed and to give her all the medications. Vrinda says: can we go to the temple first? Rani says no, you need to rest. Vrinda says that I really want to go to the temple. Rani says only 5 minutes. I have to be in court at 11. They come to the temple. Vrinda says: can we sit here? I have a headache. Rani says you’re alright? Vrinda says Rani, please come back to Raja. Rani says what are you saying? They want us divorced. It’s all over. Pray and we will return. Vrinda says that Raja lied. He did not marry for dowry. Rani is shocked.

Vrinda heard Asha and Raja talking in their hospital room. Asha said you haven’t talked to your mother in two days and that you care about this woman? Raja said she is Rani’s mother. Asha said it’s all over. Asha said that if you didn’t want to end this marriage when you lied, you lied that you asked for a dowry. You didn’t even know about money. I was stupid for trusting that Utsav. I asked for money and he blamed you. These people are using you. Raja said I do what I think is right. They heard the noise and left. Vrinda heard it all. Rani is shocked. Vrinda says that Raja did for your mother what you did for your family. Rani says: is that what I wanted to discuss? Vrinda says he is a very kind man. Rani says it’s all over. Our families do not love each other. Vrinda says but your love is true. Anything can happen if you two decide to be together. I told you the truth. You can decide until 11. I will pray for both of you.

Rani remembers what Raja said. Rani remembers what Vrinda told him. Rani cries. She remembers everything. Rani sobs and says I don’t know what to do. Please show me a way out of God. A girl comes and says, please buy this. I have not eaten anything. She sells her childhood shoes. Rani is shocked. She remembers Raja saying that I made your shoes wear gold. Rani says where did you find it? The girl says I picked it up from the temple. Rani gives him money and buys it. Rani looks at the shoes.

Raja gets ready for the court. He opens the closet and sees that Rani’s clothes aren’t there. He recalls Rani said where would I keep my clothes? Raja said here .. Not I think there. He made space for her by keeping his clothes on the side. He said they would be where you like them to be. It’s all ours. Gulvant says Raja let’s go. Are you okay? Raja says juts a little nervous. Gulvant says don’t worry. I am with you. I know it’s difficult for you. I always wanted to see you happy. All is happening for your good. Don’t listen to anyone and do what your heart says. Raja leaves. Gulvant says take Darshana with you. Kirtida smiles at him.

Rani packs her bags. Her dad says are you sure you want to keep this marriage? You would tell him all the truth? She says we can’t start with a lie. He says yes, we will see whatever happens to Utsav. Rani says what happened? He says to pack it. Rani says are you hiding something? He says Utsav would be .. The police is looking for a reason to put Utsav in jail. He would live his whole life there. Don’t worry. Utsav says don’t think about me. Go and tell Raja everything. I should be punished for what I did. I will never do anything bad again. I will try to be a good man. Go and tell Raja everything. Rani says you made a mistake and you should be punished. But going to jail isn’t your punishment. Your punishment is that because of you, your sister will live ashamed in her house and would be called a thief. I would be called wrong. Utsav says don’t say that. Go and tell Raja everything. Rani says I have to hide if you want to repent. Please don’t shatter our trust again. I won’t tell my truth to anyone even if he breaks the marriage.

The lawyer says to Raja, don’t worry. I will help you get rid of this marriage in a day. Rani comes there with her luggage. Raja is dazed. Rani says can we talk, please? The lawyer says you can’t talk to my client. Rani says I don’t need anyone’s permission to talk to my husband. The lawyer says don’t fall in this trap. Raja says wait. He says to Rani let’s go. Rani says I don’t want .. I want you to forgive me. We can give this relationship another chance. raja says why? You wanted to call it off. Rani says I got to know your truth. I got to know that I did this to save your mom. I know you aren’t the person who would keep money over the relations. Your intention wasn’t wrong. Raja says and your intention? You also lied to save your brother. Tell me the truth. Rani recalls what her dad said. Raja says tell me. Rani says it was true. Raja is shocked. Rani says yes, I married you for money. I asked Utsav to steal. I know I made a huge mistake. Please forgive me and give me another chance. Raja says what reason do I have? rani shows him the shoes. Raja takes them. Raja says how did you get them? Rani says this is the reason. I also thought we have separated. But God sent this magic to me again. I don’t want to ask you any questions. I promise you I won’t do any mistakes. Would you forgive me? Please give me another chance.

Kirtida says to Ashs eat the sweets. They are very tasty. Asha says I won’t ever know what’s in your heart. Kirtida says we are both in one team right now. Asha says our destinations can be the same but our teams would always be different. Raja you eat. Gulvant says Raja, my son. Welcome, you ended the marriage, right? Raja brings Rani inside. Everyone is shocked. Raja takes her luggage and brings it inside. Hitank’s daughter spills the paints and rani steps on it. Her feet are imprinted on the floor